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Oracle WebLogic Application Servers
Middleware - Oracle WebLogic Application Servers
The Oracle WebLogic Application Server product line is the industry's most comprehensive platform for developing, deploying, and integrating enterprise applications.
At the center of the product line is Oracle WebLogic Server, a powerful and scalable Java EE server. It combines with Oracle Application Server and additional performance enhancing products such as Oracle JRockit and Oracle Coherence to form the Oracle WebLogic Suite. In addition, Oracle WebLogic Application Grid provides the necessary Java infrastructure for extreme transaction processing (XTP).
Oracle WebLogic Suite and Oracle WebLogic Application Grid are Oracle Fusion Middleware's strategic application server products. Oracle Application Server customers will benefit from ongoing development and Oracle's commitment to integrate its best capabilities with Oracle WebLogic Server over time.
A primary offering within Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is the latest release of Oracle WebLogic. With this release, WebLogic is certified for the full Java EE 6 platform specification and has improved integration with Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC).
Ideal consolidation platform—A unified management console allows you to combine the functionality of Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Application Server for custom, legacy, and/or packaged applications
Cloud application foundation—Pool and share resources with dynamic adjustment across multiple applications to lower operational costs and outperform competitors
Scale-out performance—Cache data in memory for consistently high responsiveness at any scale of users and transactions
Predictable runtime—Swap in the Java SE Suite with JRockit Real Time Virtual Machine to instantly achieve predictability in application responsiveness with no code changes
Superior Oracle integration—Configure and connect to Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Applications with ease
Oracle Platform Security Services—The foundation for Service-Oriented Security, the industry's first declarative security framework, which simplifies the process of writing highly secure applications
Comprobase provides expertise with the following Oracle WebLogic Application Server Products:
Oracle WebLogic Suite
Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition
Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition
Oracle WebLogic Application Grid
Oracle JRockit
Oracle Application Server Standard Edition
Oracle Application Server Enterprise Edition
Oracle Web Tier
The Foundation for Cloud Applications and Application Infrastructure Consolidation
Oracle WebLogic Suite 12c brings together unmatched performance, scalability, efficiency, and manageability in a single, unified application server offering. It is the cornerstone Java EE platform for creating the best foundation for your cloud applications. Oracle WebLogic Suite integrates effortlessly with other Oracle products through Oracle GridLink for RAC, Oracle Enterprise Grid Messaging, and other connection technologies to form the foundation for your entire Oracle portfolio.
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