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Enterprise Performance Management
CFO's must focus on strategic financials. They need to provide forward-looking insight that enhances strategic planning and decision-making. They must also extend the capabilities of their financial performance management systems beyond core activities into new areas, automating more processes; assess actionable business intelligence, and driving productivity gains still higher.

Budgeting and planning processes may be inefficient as well. Some organizations find that budgeting and planning take too long, however companies often lack the systems necessary to accelerate the process and fail to ensure that it is consistent with their organizations strategy.
Data Quality / Data Management
Far outpacing other priorities for CFO's and CIO's is Master Data Management. Research shows that survey upon survey clearly presents it's the sheer number of systems holding customer data that is preventing movement toward a unified solution, that is to say fear of tackling the situation is causing for inaction and so research goes on to show that paralysis is allowing the compounding inaccuracies to remain and grow. Particularly worrisome is the majority of IT execs know they cannot rely on the data in the spreadsheets produced to make decisions from. Operating from a 'sole source of truth' is mission critical, and deploying a unified solution is key to success.
Customer Relationship Management
One of the largest challenges that customer relationship management systems face is poor usability. An intuitive design can prove most effective in developing the content and layout of a customer relationship management system. The ease of use for a system requires the design to focus on presenting information in a way that reflected the most important goals and tasks of the user, rather than the structure of the organization.

In many cases, the growth of capabilities and complexities of systems has hampered the usability of a customer relationship management system. An overly complex computer system can result in an equally complex and non-friendly user interface, thus not allowing the system to work as fully intended.
Supply Chain Management
Leadership must be able to rely on supply chain systems that deliver leading-edge functionality for not only quick capture of results but intelligent decisions following the analysis. Integrating demand signal visibility into a systematic sales and operations management process that intelligently evaluates alternatives, makes decisions, and reacts using Deming-based; Plan-Do-Check-Act thinking to manage processes.

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