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Database Security
Comprobase offers reliable expertise to keep organizations compliant and current with todays’ data security and integrity laws by ensuring the organization has the latest technologies deployed correctly.
Oracle Advanced Security helps customers address regulatory compliance requirements by protecting sensitive data on the network, on storage media and within the database from unauthorized disclosure. Transparent Data Encryption, a major component of Oracle Advanced Security, provides the industry’s most advanced database encryption solution for protecting sensitive information without requiring changes to applications. With Oracle's powerful privileged user and multi-factor access control, data classification, transparent data encryption, auditing, monitoring, and data masking, customers can deploy reliable, cost-effective solutions that do not require changes to applications.
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Transparent Data Encryption
Transparent data encryption (TDE) encrypts data before it is written to storage and automatically decrypts data when reading it from storage without any changes to existing applications – no triggers, views or other costly changes. Access controls that are enforced by the Oracle database, including object grants, roles, virtual private database and Oracle Database Vault, still remain in effect.
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Key Management
Oracle Advanced Security provides a built-in, two-tier key management architecture, consisting of a master encryption key and one or more data encryption keys. The TDE master encryption key is used to encrypt and protect the data encryption keys. The master encryption key can be configured to reside in the Oracle Wallet or a hardware security module (HSM) from vendors such as Thales, Safenet, Bull, and Utimaco.
Strong Authentication Replaces Password Based Authentication
Oracle Advanced Security provides strong authentication to the database using Kerberos, PKI or RADIUS. Oracle Advanced Security interoperates with the Microsoft Kerberos and MIT Kerberos v5. With Oracle Advanced Security, customers can equire their users to plug-in a Smart Card (CAC, HSPD-12) as part of their SSL-based authentication to the Oracle Database.
Strong Protection for Database Backups
Data encrypted with TDE remains encrypted when the database files are backed-up to disk with Oracle RMAN. Oracle RMAN can also use TDE during the backup process to encrypt the entire database backup, including the SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces. In addition, Oracle RMAN compression and TDE can be used together to generate backups that are both compact and secure.
Application Certification with Transparent Data Encryption
Oracle Advanced Security TDE is certified with many applications, including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise, Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and SAP.
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