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Oracle Data Warehousing
Oracle Database 11g offers unbeatable speed for reliable and secure reporting, analytics, and data mining on low cost, scalable Data Warehouses.
Manage integration and loading of quality data with Oracle Warehouse Builder
Improve data warehouse performance, availability, and manageability by partitioning large tables
Find hidden patterns and insights in your data warehouse with Oracle Data Mining
Execute analytics faster with Oracle OLAP's cube-organized materialized views
Oracle Database for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
Oracle Database 11g provides a comprehensive database platform for data warehousing and business intelligence that combines industry-leading scalability and performance, deeply-integrated analytics, and embedded data integration and data-quality -- all in a single platform running on a reliable, low-cost grid infrastructure. Oracle Database 11g provides best-of-breed functionality for data warehouses and data marts, with robust partitioning functionality, proven scalability to 100's of TBs, and innovative query-processing optimizations.
Oracle Database 11g also provides a uniquely integrated platform for analytics; by embedding OLAP, Data Mining, and statistical capabilities directly into the database, Oracle delivers all of the functionality of standalone analytic engines in a single scalable server. Oracle Database 11g is a true enterprise platform, providing advanced security, high availability, and self-managing capabilities for the most demanding data warehouses.
Oracle Data Mining
Powering Next-Generation Predictive Applications
Oracle Data Mining (ODM) provides powerful data mining functionality as native SQL functions within the Oracle Database. Oracle Data Mining enables users to discover new insights hidden in data and to leverage investments in Oracle Database technology.
With Oracle Data Mining, you can build and apply predictive models that help you target your best customers, develop detailed customer profiles, and find and prevent fraud. Oracle Data Mining, a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option, helps companies better "compete on analytics." The Oracle Data Miner "work flow" based GUI, an extension to SQL Developer, allows data analysts to explore their data, build and evaluate models, apply them to new data and save and share their analytical methodologies.
Oracle OLAP
Lower TCO by Performing Complex Analytics in Your Existing DatabaseOracle OLAP—an option to Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition—is a calculation engine that supports the entire spectrum of advanced analytical applications including planning, budgeting, forecasting, sales, and marketing to help identify key business trends and model complex business scenarios. OLAP cube materialized views in Oracle Database 11g dramatically improves the performance of complex analytic queries accessing multi-dimensional data.
World-class Oracle Data Warehouse Support
Comprobase assets specialize with Oracle Data Warehouse consultant experts assist in the development, design and tuning of your very large Oracle data warehouse project. Typical on-site Oracle data warehousing engagements include:
Initial Data Warehouse Analysis and Design - We can review your data warehouse design and suggest techniques used by other successful Oracle data warehouse shops for seamless integration and fast performance.
Oracle Data Warehouse Integration - This includes hardware and software evaluation, ROLAP and OWB integration and ETL automation.
Data Warehouse DBA Training - Training your DBA staff on Oracle data warehouse tuning techniques.
Oracle Data Warehouse Tuning - We perform STAR transformation tuning and materialized view creationfor optimal data warehouse performance. We specialize in developing summarization and aggregation mechanisms.
“Of all the skills and knowledge and experience Comprobase has to offer you, perhaps our greatest technology is Service.”™
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