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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
The dilemma impacting most organizations today: how to both maintain a long-term leadership position, as well as manage today’s operations.
Oracle Enterprise Performance Management reconciles this dilemma. Enterprise performance management helps streamline management processes, creating the smart, agile and aligned organization. It allows the close monitoring of performance, enables flexible planning, and provides the basis for absolute trust in the numbers which then supports strong bonds with stakeholders.
At the same time, it drives insight in divestments and investments, and offers techniques that help in rethinking strategies. These are all items at the top of the executive agenda, for management attention.
Oracle is the leader in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), unifying Performance Management and Business Intelligence (BI), supporting a broad range of strategic, financial and operational management processes.
Hyperion EPM Applications
A comprehensice, integrated suite of applications featuring a common Web and MS Office interface, common reporting tools, and common administration
Market-leading financial close and enterprise planning applications
Unique and powerful strategic and predicitive modelling capabilities
Data and metadata integration with Oracle and non-Oracle transactional systems, including drill-through capabilities
Oracle Enterprise Performance Management applications leverage Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) foundation and Oracle Fusion Middleware products to integrate data from multiple sources and provide dashboards, reporting, and analysis. The modules can be deployed out of the box, extended with Oracle Business Intelligence technologies, or tailored to meet specific needs. By providing a holistic view of your business, the applications help you increase speed and agility, improve your decision-making abilities, and enhance corporate performance.
Increase Business Alignment
Many business plans don’t yield the expected results because, too often, the focus is on lagging performance measures rather than critical operational metrics. Additionally, decision-makers mired in disconnected information have no easy way to track strategic performance indicators, communicate objectives, or identify low-value activities. And profitability is often measured at an aggregate level, leading to suboptimal resource allocations.
Deliver Predictable Results
For your organization to succeed, managers must dynamically conduct thoughtful analysis and deliver what-if projections to make smart, high-impact decisions. Therefore, planning must promote collaboration across departments and link budget allocations to operational drivers. Oracle’s performance management applications connect strategic, financial, and operational planning models to enable enterprise business planning.
They support modeling activities familiar to CFOs, including treasury, mergers and acquisitions, and long-term strategic planning. You can also view the impact of your decisions on profits and losses, cash flow, and the balance sheet. Oracle’s performance management applications help finance departments build accurate budgets and plans as well as provide operations departments with more-predictable forecasts. This means improved alignment of strategies, plans, and key resources throughout your organization.
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