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Oracle Fusion Applications
Oracle Fusion Applications are 100 percent open-standards-based business applications that set a new standard for the way we innovate, work, and adopt technology. From the onset Fusion is designed from the ground-up using the latest technology advances. Fusion is built on a set of unique design principles, only Oracle Fusion Applications set a new standard for business.
Driven by Business Intelligence
A key design principal is for the new version of fusion to be business intelligence (BI) driven as opposed to just having BI functionality built in. Oracle Fusion is a new generation of ERP suite that goes beyond the current generation’s focus on process automation.
Older ERP tools, for instance, merely automated a process such as purchasing, hiring or vendor interaction Oracle’s Concept is to have fusion be able to say which vendors are best, which are consistently on time and which are lowest cost.

“Information age ERP, CRM and HRMS provides insight as to who you should buy from, “said Ellison. This is the first time an ERP (Fusion) system has been built on top of industry standard middleware are. If you know Java, you know Fusion.”

In Oracle Fusion Applications, we’ve designed more than just a new user interface. We’ve designed acomplete user experience. Oracle Fusion Applications leverage years of in-depth, customer-driven research and design to create a next-generation applications user experience.
With Oracle Fusion Applications, you will move beyond simply completing transactions to gaining real business insight. The Oracle Fusion Applications user experience puts users at the center. You’ll discover what you need to know, what you need to do, who you need to know, and how you need to do it. The result: a dramatic improvement in end-user productivity.
Make Better Business Decisions Faster: What You Need to Know
A CFO and a financial analyst need to look at the same information, but a CFO needs different access, security, and scope. With the role-based access controls in Oracle Fusion Applications, you will be confident that the information you need is at your fingertips. Every item on the screen has been considered carefully for every role an employee holds.

What users need to know to best do their job— whether it’s an embedded chart, a real-time data point, custom user assistance, or an embedded discussion forum – has been designed and evaluated extensively. Oracle has also put a lot of thought into helping you manage critical issues. You need to know when your ledgers are not closing smoothly or when your employees are not joining the team properly. The exception management capabilities of Oracle Fusion Applications will help you stay focused on what you need to know.

Navigate to What You Need Faster: What You Need to Do

Do you have service and support workers who must navigate to other applications, forums, third-party Web sites, or in-house tools to solve a customer’s problem? Our solution is a user experience that provides the ability to easily navigate to what you need. We’ve built a user experience framework to bring all of the actions you need to take into close alignment with your actual business flows.

Collaborate, Cooperate, Succeed: Who You Need to Know
Is it difficult to find out who owns a particular job function at your company? How do you identify who to talk to when you have a policy question? Relying on an organizational chart alone will not help you identify the key stakeholders for a project.

Web sites like Facebook are great for staying connected to your peers, but how do you get real-time project updates? Oracle Fusion Applications’ secure, enterprise-level social networking features are built into the platform, so you get all of the benefits of business relationships right out of the box, without the worry.

“Of all the skills and knowledge and experience Comprobase has to offer you, perhaps our greatest technology is Service.”™
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