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Superior User Experience

Oracle Business Approvals for Managers is built as a native application on the Apple iPhone to take full advantage of the mobile platform. It offers a highly intuitive and flexible user interface to enable easy browsing and sorting of various approval tasks. Additionally, it provides convenient means to request additional information from or provide comments to requesters as options in the approval and rejection process.
Charts and tables in the business intelligence reports are displayed with superb clarity on the iPhone’s high resolution screen. Managers and executives can easily zoom in and out of report details using the mobile platform’s multi-touch (or “pinch”) technology. Report-level filters can help to refine the granularity of data that is displayed. Furthermore, cell-level drills up or down along dimensional hierarchies can enable viewing of summary analysis to increasing levels of detail, or launch other related reports to perform previously defined guided-analysis.

This superior overall end user experience enhances the ease with which managers and executives can execute approval decisions conveniently on the iPhone.

Relevant Business Intelligence
To make the right approval decisions, managers and executives may need insights to appropriate information that is relevant to the tasks at hand. Oracle Business Approvals for Managers leverages the design from the recently launched Oracle Business Indicators iPhone product as the foundation for an innovative approach to provide analytical reports with data that is in context with the pending approval task.
The analytical reports are provided either as pre-defined content from the suite of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, or as custom-built reports with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus tools platform.
Oracle Business Approvals for Managers is designed specifically with the mobilebusiness users in mind. It is a task-focused mobile solution that enables managersand executives to view pending actions related to expenses, purchase requisitions, aswell as job vacancies and offers on the iPhone.
Additionally, managers and executives are able to perform approval decisions conveniently with the ease of a few taps on the iPhone. The approval updates are processed securely in the coreOracle enterprise application system via web services. Managers and executives no longer need to wait until they return to the office before they can take appropriate approval actions on day-to-day business decisions.
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