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Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Deploying the #1 EPM software in the world, provides the enterprise with mission critical functionality that empowers decisions based on information and predictive analysis that is likely not present without Hyperion.
Oracle’s choice for EPM offering became Hyperion in 2006 for perhaps one unique differentiator; Essbase. The Essbase technology has been hailed as one of the top-ten technological inventions of the previous decade.

How relevant is Essbase today? Essbase is the analytical engine underneath the hood for the Hyperion applications as well as providing for the business intelligence built into the newly released Oracle Fusion Applications product suite. There is no other EPM solution with the powerful underlying technology processing analysis for the enterprise like Essbase.

Oracle Hyperion Planning & Budgeting is the core application. There are stand-alone modules as well for instance, Hyperion Financial Management and Strategic Finance and many that add onto the Planning module. Essbase can be deployed alone for supporting business requirements like rear-view and forward looking analytics.
Regardless of the size of your business we know that the two primary mission elements must be; maintaining your current leadership position, ensuring that position remains yours in the future…what’s coming in the future? Without the absolutely complete and accurate understanding of the enterprise today, judgment calls about the future are off reality since reality was not truly considered to begin with.
The Forecast is…
Future predictive capabilities are available in tea-leaves and more reliably in Hyperion solutions. We exude a bit of swagger being a Hyperion Consultant and Implementation specialist because of how Hyperion will revolutionize your experience with planning, budgeting, and strategic decision making.
The future is in your business – will your business be in the future? Only Hyperion can tell. Consider the options with Comprobase and contact us to gain the benefit of our insight. We may find that your business couldn’t be better situated, or we may have a few suggestions. Either way, you will know the truth and the first benefit of deploying Hyperion is the sole-source-of-truth it provides the analyst, the director, the CFO and the future of the business. Achieving that, in our experience, is not possible without this software.
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