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Managing government operations and providing services seems to be more challenging today than ever. In 1800 the Federal Government was 2 percent of Gross Domestic Product; today it is 24 percent of GDP. Government has dramatically more to manage in; resources, personnel, revenue, regulations and expectations.

We support our Federal, State, and Local governments and make the following recommendations to improve managing key areas where automation should help.

You must have analysis of where the organization has been; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Without a true dataset of the numbers decisions made cannot be as effective as desired. Business Intelligenceorganizes the organization because it creates a structure that data must flow to in a Data Warehouse, where that data is cleansed and made true. This structure supports the future of the organization as it moves forward as decision makers now know in unlimited ways what didn’t work well in the past, how to plan for better results, and make more effective and efficient action in the future.
Being that government entities are typically funded by a source derived from policy rather than from sales, management of those funds seems mission-critical to delivery of services. Financial Management is absolutely essential, organizing the options for delivery of services with the resources provided.A for-profit entity can increase its income by selling more product, cutting costs, expansion, any combination of these during its fiscal year but government is handed its appropriation near the onset of its fiscal year and must make do with that provision. “What-if” analysis on how to best expend these precious resources is required.

Perhaps one could surmise a government is made up of people, resources, and policy. Every year in recent decades there has been an increase in each. How does an organization maintain, deliver, execute decisions affecting constituents, and preserve the thousands of policy generated in the last 20 years, 30 or 100 years? Policy Automation can deliver power to diminish challenges and costs in key areas of policy management; maintaining, delivery and enforcement, consistency in determinations.

Increasing the power of applications already deployed would round out this fundamental set of critical elements. End User Adoption; making the staff of an organization completely proficient with the software applications they rely on is essential. The tools of business generally begin with a keyboard and mouse. It’s the beginning and end to a typical day of work. To achieve increases of productivity, efficiency, and return on investment, the workforce must excel in its capability and use of the tools deployed for managing and delivering on their requirements.
“Of all the skills and knowledge and experience Comprobase has to offer you, perhaps our greatest technology is Service.”™
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