Ensure corporate governance and system interoperability, minimize down time and increase the rate of innovation by moving your organization’s mission critical business applications to the public cloud with 2nd Watch. Our tested, proven and trusted solutions and services simplify your infrastructure management and enable faster deployment while lowering your IT costs to help you drive preferred business outcomes.


Comprobase deploys critical business applications built on Java J2EE or Microsoft .Net/C#, SharePoint platform, quickly and cost effectively with Amazon EC2 running special servers. It’s a secure and dependable environment that allows you to use your existing server applications licenses, including SharePoint Server, on AWS without having to pay additional Microsoft licensing fees. With Comprobase designed-for-change deployments, you can take advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing, scalability, and data integrity to run your business application workloads. Quickly adjust to business change by adding capacity as needed, without long lead times and shift your capital expenses to operating expenses for cost predictability that scales with your business. 



With Comprobase’s business application workload solutions, there is no need to worry about bottlenecks or performance throttling. Your business applications scale automatically to what they require, nothing more, nothing less.


Achieve optimized performance and scalability at a fraction of the cost of running your business applications on premises. Pay only for the resources you use, when you use them, with no upfront contracts or long-term commitments.


Comprobase’s security and regulatory controls are designed for the most mission-critical enterprise applications and workloads. Our platform is maintained in highly secure data centers that use state of the art security and multi-factor access control systems that protect your organization’s infrastructure and the privacy and information of your customers.


Comprobase’s highly reliable services and multiple fault-tolerant Availability Zones allow you to remain resilient in the face of most failure modes, including natural disasters or system failures.