“Quicken Development Lifecycle Develop and deploy faster, learn more often and adapt to customer requirements more efficiently.”

Your AWS migrations are in good hands. With Comprobase’s designs and automation you can deploy quicker, learn faster and modify as needed with Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). Our Workload Solutions transform on-premises workloads to digital solutions in the public cloud with next generation products and services.


Ensure corporate governance and system interoperability and minimize downtime by moving your mission critical business applications like Oracle, PeopleSoft and Hyperion to the public cloud. Comprobase designed-for-change AWS migrations deployments simplify infrastructure management, increase time-to-market and lower your IT costs so that you can shift your focus from server management to innovating for the future.


The public cloud gives you complete control over your business workloads. With the many sizes of servers available to you and your business, the public cloud lets you build websites and web apps with the technology that you’re most comfortable with. You also have the flexibility to choose the operating system, language and tools that are right for you.

Traffic to your company’s website and demand for your company’s web applications can fluctuate – a lot – from late at night when there isn’t much traffic to the moments just after you’ve launched a new campaign. The public cloud gives your digital business the benefit of auto scaling so that your digital marketing efforts – from websites to web apps – can elastically and automatically grow or shrink with demand.

Digital businesses that run their operations and IT infrastructure in the cloud have the benefit of multiple pricing models that allow them to optimize costs for stable workloads (like data storage) or variable workloads (like digital marketing). The pay-as-you-go pricing model for variable workloads allows you to pay only for what you use. This means that the elasticity of the public cloud can save you a bundle without having to pay up-front costs or sign long-term contracts that keep you from getting started or lock you in. You’re charged only for the resources that you use, so you can spend your money on things that shift your business forward and differentiate you from the competition.

Public cloud providers like AWS maintain highly secure data centers that use state of the art security and multi-factor access control systems that protect your organization’s infrastructure and the privacy of your customers. They also minimize the impact of disruptions to your business operations by providing multiple geographic regions and availability zones, so your marketing efforts can remain resilient during system failures and natural disasters. Download 2nd Watch security partner, Alert Logic’s, Cloud Security Report to learn about the state of security across customer cloud and on-premises infrastructures, or read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report for a rundown on The True Cost of Security: In-House vs Alert Logic.

Total cost of ownership considers all costs associated with developing, deploying and managing mission-critical business applications. This also includes the costs associated with workloads like digital marketing – for example, the development, deployment and management of your business’s website and/or marketing web applications. In most cases, cloud computing has proven to be more cost-effective than on-premises infrastructures. By leveraging the cloud as an all-in IT infrastructure and business operations solution, coupled with 2nd Watch’s Managed Cloud Services, companies can save upwards of 60% in their total cost of ownership.

Federated Governance defines and implements automation that extends your central IT governance policies, standards, and controls to the public cloud.

Comprobase’s Cloud Consulting Services can shift any type of workload to the public cloud, including ERP, BI, CRM, big data, test and dev, ecommerce, line-of-business, and more.


Transforming Business in the Cloud

Public cloud is no longer an experiment for enterprise companies – it’s a better way to run a business. Adoption is on the upswing because companies are seeing benefits that positively affect revenues and customers. Companies that complete the transformation to becoming a Digital Business and public cloud-based enterprise will find powerful new ways to interact with and serve customers and gain agility from end-to-end automation that saves money and time, leading to a competitive advantage.