Advancing Evaluation And Decision-Making With Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service

Comprobase helps federal, state and local governments, financial services, healthcare, educational, transportation, and not-for-profit organizations overcome the hindrances and ineptitudes posed by disjointed and complex planning and budgeting processes. With our Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service, your budget managers and decision makers can see current and accurate employee information, more effectively track decision packages, easily access more granular and real-time budgeting data, and much more. With Comprobase’s empowering SaaS solutions, your organization can fully leverage this flexible, web- and Excel-capable planning, budgeting and forecasting application.

Our application expertise enables our public sector clients to more effectively navigate their program funding issues, visibly deliver on increased compliance and regulatory requirements, and meet constituent demands for more accountability.

Comprobase will configure your solution according to how your organization budgets to optimize the rich functionality and benefits of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud.

Comprobase will ensure to enable your Organization with the following:

  • Accelerate solution adoption
  • Modernize and simplify an integrated, enterprise-wide planning and budgeting process with seamless management reporting
  • Reduce costs associated with deploying, managing and supporting on-premise applications as well as integrating with other applications
  • Lower total cost of ownership by reducing hardware costs and integrating with other ERP and Cloud applications
  • Connect unlimited staff members to rich self-service features with an intuitive, mobile-ready user interface
  • Reduce planning and budgeting cycle times with a powerful workflow and plan management framework
  • Gain instant access to application updates and innovations

Our consultants take pride in transforming our clients’ data assets into valuable business intelligence for significantly improved decision-making and long-term planning.