Comprobase performs the “health” assessment of your Enterprise Architecture to provide you an informed independent perspective of strategy EA asset’s viability as a foundation resource to:

  • Fully document and reveal your Enterprise Relationships Communicate your business intent concisely through consistent vocabulary.
  • uncomplicated texts, models & diagrams Inform interested parties in the organization, which may include external agents such.
  • as supply chain, human capital vendors, partners and other vendors.

Comprobase believes your Enterprise Architecture is a foundational, strategic asset, and must offer strategic executive value in several aspects; we assess your existing information to determine how well your Enterprise Architecture is positioned to provide these values. We search for a value in Enterprise Architecture such as it being:

  • A consistent problem-solving tool across all areas
  • Easily accessible
  • Consumable, understood by any member of organization
  • A foundation for IT to design future solutions
  • Technology / Application agnostic
  • Complete in its definition of your Business
  • A Business transformation tool
  • Orchestrating tool to align expectations and budgets to support
  • A governance foundation, compelling organizational improvements

Comprobase will develop frameworks that span all of the Architecture domains including Application, Data and Technical.

Comprobase’s Enterprise Architecture Assessment enables your organization to pinpoint opportunities for IT improvements that will lower your infrastructure total cost of ownership.

  • Provide best practices for production and non-production hardware in the areas of server architecture and capacity, virtualization, storage, network, and peripherals
  • Assess proposed web, application, database, batch, and ancillary server configuration with regard to sizing, scalability, load balancing, and failover
  • Establish a framework of application environments necessary to support implementations or upgrades, as well as ongoing production maintenance
  • Evaluate an On-Premise vs. Hosted solution and its impact to the project and ongoing operations

Comprobase then conducts an expert assessment and develops recommendations, delivering a series of wide-ranging reports covering findings and analyses. In addition to providing remedial and/or proposed enhancement elements, you’ll receive a detailed project plan tailored to your organization.
Your organization will also benefit from Comprobase’s time-to-value impact analysis. This work product scopes direct labor and resources necessary to implement your end-to-end project plan. As value add, Comprobase also delivers a specific enterprise Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis based on an “on-premise vs. hosted” comparison, should your organization require that information in the future.