Case Studies

Client Overview

Our client is a faith-based healthcare organization. It is one of the largest non-profit health system in the United States and the world’s largest Catholic health system. The system has 120 hospitals. They provide around $2 billion in care of persons living in poverty and other community benefit programs.

In addition to the healthcare delivery subsidiary, other subsidiaries provide a variety of services and solutions including physician practice management, venture capital investing, treasury management, biomedical engineering, clinical care management, information services, risk management, and contracting through its own group purchasing organization.

Business Needs

Our client’s goal was to continually innovate on behalf of its customers. They realize that achieving this level of excellence requires continual process improvements and cost reductions.

They needed to upgrade their PeopleSoft Financials modules from version 8.9 to version 9.2. They also needed to upgrade the associated PeopleTools release from version 8.48 to version 8.54. This was a complex task as bringing their systems current involved a multiple step upgrade.

  • Deliver on aggressive timeline and within specified budget
  • Reduce the Final Pass / Production cutover time. The PS Application tables like VCHR_ACCTG_LINE table had over 200 million rows, alter table was taking too long. Alters of other large tables was also taking long hours.
  • Resolve of existing pain points
  • Utilize 9.2 functionality to improve business processes and enhance user experience
  • Decrease the number of customizations
  • Automate manual processes

Executing a multiple step upgrade to bring our client’s systems current required close collaboration between Comprobase and the client’s team. The first step in this process involved analyzing current processes, identifying requirements, addressing pain points and reviewing existing configurations and customizations. With client’s requirements in mind, Comprobase conducted Fit/Gap sessions to map 9.2 features to their requirements and look for opportunities to reduce customizations. Comprobase also identified areas where the client could change business processes to adopt best practices delivered in the newest version of the product.
Once Comprobase had an understanding of our client’s requirements and business process improvement goals, the next step was designing and building their upgraded application. This involved creating and configuring a design for new 9.2 features and retrofitting existing customizations where necessary. Next, Comprobase performed unit testing for 9.2 features and supported Artesian during system testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
Comprobase System Admin DBA worked on identified all the SQLs that could be run parallel including the table alters, data mover scripts, application engine conversion driver programs, etc. and kicked off these requests on the UNIX Oracle Database Server. Comprobase DBA created indexes where necessary to boost the performance of the Oracle Database.
After thoroughly testing the 9.2 configurations for functionality and user acceptance, Comprobase began knowledge transfer activities with the client’s team members. This training provided our client with the necessary knowledge to take advantage of new 9.2 features and enabled our client’s team to be less dependent on consultants in the future. Comprobase then executed upgrade scripts and configured the 9.2 systems for go live.